Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Outage

In case you didn't know, Blogger was not available for posting during the past two days. You could still read what was already up, but no one could add anything. Not even the folks who are paying for their Blogger accounts were exempt. That's an awful lot of commercial operations that couldn't post new content, some with typically a lot of posting activity.

What does this say when a company like Google (which owns Blogger) with an advertising budget bigger than the gross national product of most countries can't keep such an essential service working?

I had already decided to reduce my emphasis on this blog, using it mostly for Bible studies and a few purely spiritual posts. Frankly, I was getting more reaction and traffic at my other blog. Even more importantly, it was a move of the Spirit I should not trust Google so much before this outage hit.

Learn to hear and obey such spiritual impulses.